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Walter (and his Person, Harper)

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Never let it be said that PUG PEOPLE TALES only interviews Pug Middle-Aged People; we certainly hope we are dope and lit and ballin’ and whatever else enough to interview a Teen Pug Person. Enjoy Walter and his Person, 14-year old Harper, spilling the tea. Or whatever that expression is.

Harper, how did Walter come to live with you?

He was a foster fail. We already had a couple of dogs, but we were supposed to move to Wisconsin, so my dad said, “let’s just keep him, we’re going to have so much more space soon”. And then we didn’t move. So we lived in a city apartment with four pugs and an 85-lb pit bull.

What do you love most about pugs?

That they expect everything to be done for them. Other dogs, you throw a ball and they fetch it. Pugs just look at it like “aaand what do you want me to do with that?”

As a young person, how do you feel pugs have influenced your life for the better?

In 5th grade, I described a character as “aloof”. The teacher was very impressed and asked where I learned that word. I said, “My mom says our pug Walter is aloof”.

Is Walter aloof?

He is until we go out for a walk. He hates all dogs with curly hair. It started with Roscoe C., who’s like a Labradoodle or Goldendoodle. And since every dog in our town is some kind of ‘doodle, he hates everyone. And then he goes crazy at curly dogs on TV, and sheep, too. Seriously, we can’t ever watch “Sense and Sensibility”.

When you look at Walter, what do you think he’s thinking?

“I own you people. You work for me.”

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