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Milo Carl & Sophia Loren (and their Person, Jillann)

Pug People, you've seen the dynamic duo of Milo Carl and Sophia Loren and now you get to hear from their Person, Jillann, who was a teeny bit resistant to being featured but was finally won over by our charm. JK, we are just delighted to have you meet them and honestly, her True Pug Confession made us laugh out loud. Enjoy!

PP: Jillann, we're so glad you finally decided to do this!

Jillann: Yeah, don’t love having my picture taken.

PP: You are beautiful and adorable, but we get it. So, give us your pug history.

Jillann: These are the first pugs I’ve ever had. I used to have big dogs like labs and chows and my nephew came out to visit and he said, “you need to get a pug.” I said, “A pug??” It had never crossed my mind. He has two pugs and said they’re the greatest dogs, so loving.

PP: We officially love and respect your nephew.

Jillann: I asked my husband and he said, “no more dogs", because we had a lab-pit rescue already. So, when my husband went to work, I found a breeder, and one day I went and got Milo. My husband was pissed.

PP: Oh, yikes, is he okay now?

Jillann: Yes, he was mad for a few weeks and now he loves him. But he and my daughter like Sophia better, actually. They say Milo is too prissy. He’s very picky, doesn’t like fruit, doesn’t like his paws touched.

PP: Prissy or discerning? We’re going with discerning.

Jillann: That works. He can be a pain, but he was easier to potty train than Sophia. She still has some accidents. In my bed.

PP: Nooooo!

Jillann: And you don’t know until you pull that comforter up to your face.

PP: Ah, that special fragrance... Wait, did you tell your husband that you were getting Sophia?

Jillann: No. He was mad for only a few days with her.

PP: See, the anger-time was reduced. Maybe if you got another one, it would only be a few hours.

Jillann: Maybe. But I can’t handle another one.

PP: Understood. Because we have a puppy and it's a freakin full time job. When you got Milo, did you fall in love right away or did it take a while?

Jillann: Immediately. Instant. Love at first sight.

Jillann: He’s such a good boy.

PP: But a little prissy.

Jillann: Particular.

PP: Discerning. Did you start right away with dressing Milo or was that a gradual thing?

Jillann: I started right away. Even before I went on Instagram.

PP: Before Instagram?? You’re the real deal.

Jillann: His first outfit was OshKosh overalls.

PP: Of course it was. What’s his most unusual outfit now?

Jillann: He has a custom-made tuxedo.

PP: And Sophia has a dress to go with it?

Jillann: Oh, Sophia has multiple dresses. Lucy Lui makes them.

PP: We love Lucy Lui! We have a gorgeous dress that our female pug refuses to wear because she hates the gloves.

Jillann: Lucy made Sophia’s Maleficent outfit.

PP: That might be the most badass thing we've ever seen. How are Milo and Sophia’s personalities different?

Jillann: She’s the alpha. Really rough with Milo sometimes, she’ll just grab him by the face and chew. She’ll also go after our other dog, who’s 75 pounds. And she’s tiny, only 15 pounds.

PP: But very shapely, like her namesake.

Jillann: And she’s pretty clever. She’s figured out how to roll the windows down in the back and how to turn the seat heaters on.

PP: She’s an evil genius. Do they sleep with you guys?

Jillann: Oh, yes. And Sophia is so Velcro, she has to be touching my skin while we sleep. She’ll burrow under my pajamas.

PP: Her face? Or her whole body?

Jillann: Her face.

PP: You must be her favorite smell. You probably smell delicious.

Jillann: Well…

PP: Jillann, are you someone who has pug paraphernalia?

Jillann: Everything. Everything is pug. It’s like a sickness.

PP: You know we’re all about our pug brethren and sistren. What do you like about Pug People?

Jillann: You can ask them questions and no one thinks you’re weird. Especially about pug health. You’re instantly friends. And the good thing is, every Pug Person I met online and then in real life, I liked them. To own a pug, you have to be a loving kind of person.

PP: 1000% agreed. If Milo and Sophia were celebrities, who would they be?

Jillann: Milo would be a young Sam Elliot. Sophia would be Beth Dutton from “Yellowstone”. Without the alcohol.

PP: Jillann, do you have a True Pug Confession?

Jillann: I taste their food. And I’ll tell you why—because I don’t trust these dog food companies. You know how Milk-Bone says they’re all different flavors? They’re not. I’ve tried them all and they all taste exactly the same.

PP: Okay, you got us on this one. That’s hilarious.

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