"Shari Simpson is a master at her craft! Having a published author and screenwriter speak to the students about her highs and lows was truly an inspiring experience. She emboldened the 6th, 7th and 8th graders all to find the story within themselves during our assemblies and during her 6th grade residency she guided the students through the skill of developing a character. Any school would be lucky to have her spend a week with their students!"

Laura Garrison, Black River Middle School

"Shari Simpson has a profound way of relating content through a fun, unique, and innovative way. As a result, many were inspired to develop writing samples of their own through the creation of comics, blogs, screenplays, and short novels."

Dr. Harold Abraham, Hoboken Middle School Principal

Author & Screenwriter 

Shari Simpson 

I've taught playwriting, creative writing, and screenwriting to all ages, from elementary students to high school seniors. I worked for four years with the DreamYard project, taught and created children's educational theater for the organization Hope for Kids, led a screenwriting seminar for high school students at HFK Performing Arts Camp, and made numerous author/writer visits to schools, ranging in age from 4th grade to high school. I also taught improvisation and comedy writing classes to adults, which confirmed my theory that kids are way more fun to teach than grown people.

Presentation Topics

Everyone Has a Story:

The Art & Fun of Storytelling

Through images, sensory exercises, and interactive games, students will discover the stories within them and how to weave these tales into an engaging narrative.

With examples from popular books and movies, students will learn the difference between the visual storytelling of a film and the descriptive and internal prose of books.

A fun and engaging romp through the  genesis of a book: from initial idea to character/plot to outline to first draft to revision and finally, a finished product.

"The Book/Movie Was Better" 

Writing for Page or Screen

Writing a Book:

Turning a Small Idea into a BIG Story


School visits $500 per day, includes 3-4 individual classroom/library presentations and one full school assembly (fees negotiable, depending on school's resources). 

All presentations adjusted for grade level, following Common Core State Standards​.


  • More than 50 miles from New York City: include mileage, meals, and hotel

  • More than 100 miles from New York City: include mileage, meals, hotel and airfare.

  • You may coordinate with other schools to split the costs

  • To schedule an author visit, contact Lisa.Mcclatchy@disney.com

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