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Shari Simpson

Author & Screenwriter 






The first novel in the "SleepWakers" series

"Filled with surprising twists, this series kick-off underscores essential truths about finding one’s unique spirit."  —Publishers Weekly


"Readers will find much to enjoy in the zany humor, engaging characters, and bizarre adventures - and much to think about in the underlying themes of bullying, stereotypes, and superficial judgments."  —School Library Connection


"Simpson’s quick-paced tale is lightened by snarky dialogue, driven by young people surrounded by caricatured adults, and features a fiendishly clever, truly scary mean girl."  —Booklist


"Spooky nights of astral projection? Kids around the world that can travel in the darkness? Can learn to become as solid as their flesh and blood-filled bodies? Um, yes, please."  —Life Within the Pages


"Author Shari Simpson conveys just the right amount of wit, humor, and fast-paced fun while creatively exploring harsh realities and vital truths in Sam Saves the Night'." —The Disney Blog


"A fun, multilayered-plot page-turner." —NextGen






"Smart, funny, adorable." -New York Post


"Has an infectious charm." -New York Times


"These deceptively simple pieces possess a wisdom and good sense that explode gently in the mind afterward." -New Yorker ​


Maybe Baby, It's You is a comedy about the search for that most elusive of entities, the soul mate, told in a series of 11 vignettes that cover ground from the first kiss to the not-so-golden years of marriage. We take a raucous ride through male-female relationships with two searchers with a laundry list of must-have qualities for a mate that swiftly dwindles down to "warm and breathing" as the only prerequisite; a mild-mannered Midwesterner whose blind date turns out to be the Greek goddess Medea; a film noir couple who realize that their razor-sharp banter is hiding their fear and vulnerability; a charming brain surgeon who is always "Mr. Wrong" due to his penchant for spastic club dancing; a couple celebrating their wedding anniversary who realize that marriage may not have ended their search for a soul mate; an elderly divorced couple who entertain the fantasy of reconciliation at their grandson's soccer game; and other would-be and shouldn't-be couples trying to find each other. Maybe Baby, It's You. Or maybe…it isn't.​

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