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Pug Sisters Create #pugpeopletales

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Two friends. Eight pugs. One block apart. Ten thousand extra levels of crazy.


(Do we really need to define “Pug People”? You know who you are.)

Okay, okay. With gracious tolerance for the uninitiated (read: pugless), “Pug People” are those who recognize that pugs are not dogs, but are actually small angels/devils/dictators/comedians disguised in fawn/black/silver/apricot fur.

Pug People understand that pugs are royalty (why do you think they were bred to sit in the laps of emperors?), thus Pug People bow and scrape accordingly.

Pug People (and it’s always ‘Pug People’, never ‘pug people’, people) humbly accept the fact that there will be multiple pugs in the home because pugs are like potato chips; you can never have just one.

Lastly, Pug People are recognizable to the pugless by their habit of shouting “PUG!” and then knocking over small children (sometimes their own) as they run down the street and through traffic to greet a new curly-tailed friend.

Shari and Candy, creators of THE TALES OF PUG PEOPLE are Pug People. Scratch that, they’re PUG PEOPLE. They call each other “Pug Sister”. They are Perpetual Purchasers of Pug Paraphernalia (see shirts in photo above). They witness a photo of pug puppies and moan as if they are barren. They have more photos on their phones of their pugs than their human spawn. They know which celebrities are owned by pugs (Billy Joel, Ted Danson, PewdiePie, and many others), which celebrities have had their pugs cross the Rainbow Bridge (Paula Abdul, Tori Spelling, etc.) and which celebrities lost the pugs in the divorce settlement (Chris Pratt). And they want to get to know the other Pug People because what good is it to be crazy all alone?

THE TALES OF PUG PEOPLE will share interviews, photos, and videos of Pugs and their People. If you’re Pug People and want to be interviewed so you can declare your Pug Peopleness to the world, find us on Instagram at @pugpeopletales

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