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Paul McCartney (and his Person, Isabella)

We are pugstatic about this one! We've been drooling over Paul and his tighty-whities forever and were so thrilled to finally meet him and his Person, Isabella-- it wasn't easy, because they live in Brazil and she's an extremely busy veterinarian (and busy Pug Mom, more about that below ;-)) Enjoy meeting this hunk of pug manhood!

PP: Isabella, we are so thrilled to meet you and Paul McCartney Pug!

Isabella: I am happy too! I will say sorry for the English mistakes. Not my specialty.

PP: Oh, please. We’re native English speakers and we’re frequently unintelligible.

Isabella: (laughs, then:) Oh, hold on, I have to take care of the baby.

PP: Is it a hooman baby or a puppy?

Isabella: A puppy.

PP: Oh, so much better. Listen, we just adore Paul. That body. Lawd have mercy.

Isabella: He is delicious.

PP: Is Paul your first pug or did you have pugs before him?

Isabella: I have four.

PP: Before him? Or now?

Isabella: Now. (laughs) I was trying to have all the Beatles.

PP: We love you even more than we’d thought.

Isabella: The first was George Harrison. Paul is the second one. These two, we get them as puppies. But the other two are rescues, so their names—wait, let me explain, I am a vet and I see dogs in difficult situations, so… I bring them home.

PP: Wait… how many dogs do you have total?

Isabella: I have ten and my mother has two. So, twelve total.

PP: Oh. My. Pugness.

Isabella: And I have cats and horses…

PP: You need your own TV show. Pug Vet of Brazil.

Isabella: We really love animals, my family. Actually, it’s too much. (laughs) Back to pugs, we have a girl who is little, like half of Paul.

PP: Half of Paul is still a lotta pug.

Isabella: Yessss. And we have another little boy pug. Since we rescued them when they were older, I thought about changing their names to Beatles, but it didn’t really work. Now we have too many dogs to continue the Beatles project.

PP: That’s okay, you tried to complete the Abbey Road cycle. As someone who sees all kinds of dogs, what attracted you to pugs?

Isabella: Whatever you do, they are always looking at you with the lovely eyes.

Isabella: If I could choose I would have a thousand pugs.

PP: You are a true Pug Person.

Isabella: I do have a friend with eight pugs. She’s even crazier than me.

PP: That’s our kind of crazy. But seriously, how could you not be the puggiest of Pug People with that absolute hunk of manhood in your home?

Isabella: He is very handsome.

PP: What do you notice about Pug People’s personalities?

Isabella: Um, how do I say this, they are… cuddly people?

PP: Love that. Do any of the animals sleep with you?

Isabella: All of them. Not the horses. But the rest.

PP: All twelve?!

Isabella: Yes. And I have a single bed.

PP: OMPeeee.

Isabella: Paul is the pillow one. It is a fight for me to sleep, because he always wants the pillow for himself.

PP: Does he snore?

Isabella: Paul, not so much. But George Harrison is a symphony.

PP: Are you someone who has pug stuff? Like cups, t-shirts—

Isabella: All of them! I just cannot see the pug stuff without buying.

PP: We can relate. Isabella, do you have a favorite memory or story about Paul or your other pugs?

Isabella: You see, this is hard, because every memory I have is with them. There is one, we had a cat who got lost, disappeared, and we were all heartbroken. But Paul always wanted to be with us as we searched for her. The day she came home, he was waiting in the doorway five minutes before she appeared. We were like, “what is he looking for?” It’s like he knew.

PP: So lovely.

Isabella: Paul also likes to be in the pool. Not to swim, but to ride on his float and look like “Bring me something to drink!”

PP: Like the prince he is. Okay, we have to know, how did you start putting underpants on Paul?

Isabella: We just have this idea one day and he really seems to like it. It’s not something we make him do, he loves his underpants. He lays down like a baby so we can put them on and he makes the happy face.

PP: The happy face for boy panties! Dare we ask, are they people underwear? They look like they are.

Isabella: Yes, human. (laughs) We cut the little hole out.

PP: He always looks like he’s posing.

Isabella: He knows he’s a star.

PP: He's a celebrity, down to his cute little bones. Last question, Isabella--do you have a True Pug Confession? You know, something crazy that you do with or for Paul?

Isabella: Okay, so I dress him in baby clothes. Because he’s my baby.

PP: Nothing crazy about that.

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