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Winston (and his Person, Leslie)

The Tales of Pug People traveled to Virginia by the magic of the Zoom to spend time with the devilishly handsome Winston Beauregard and his truly lovely Person, Leslie. We are happy to report that Leslie is the most Puggish Peopley of Pug People, never once breaking the sacred pug-lap bond during our endless questions and adoring squeals. Come meet this dynamic duo, whose goal is to spread love and pawsitivity to the Instaverse—and the real world.

PP: Leslie, tell us about your initial entry into Pug Peopledom.

Leslie: Years ago, I slept over at a friend’s after a St. Patrick’s Day party and I woke up to the most incredible sight ever—a tiny little pug loaf named Helga asleep on my chest. It was love at first sight.

PP: This sounds like a dream to us, a pug magically appearing in our arms out of nowhere.

*Winston, who is in his mother’s arms, snuffles in agreement.

Leslie: I wasn’t able to get my own pug for a while, but I did prep. I bought tons of pug paraphernalia, including a sweatshirt that said, “Future Pug Mom”. And my husband, Eli, built a wooden bed for Winston before he came.

PP: Ah, so not only are you a Pug Person, you converted others to the cause, including a carpenter.

Leslie: Yes! Eli is now equally obsessed. And my mom, who claimed that she was allergic to dogs my entire life, suddenly was no longer allergic when she met Winston.

PP: So, either she was fibbing all those years or there has been a miraculous healing at the laying on of pug paws.

Leslie: Yeah, when I ask her about it, she just giggles.

PP: Knowing what a true Pug Person you are, Leslie, we’re assuming that Winston has a ‘voice’.

Leslie: Of course. We talk and answer for him constantly. He has a childlike, little boy voice because he is da happiest smol boi. Also, I’m half Vietnamese, so we have a made-up language that’s sort of a pug-Vietnamese hybrid.

*Leslie speaks to Winston in Pugetnamese. Yes, it’s as adorable as you’re imagining.

PP: Does Winston Beauregard have pet peeves or quirks?

Leslie: Oh, he hates having his frito-feet touched, so you can imagine how we do with nail trims. And his biggest quirk is that he is obsessed with licking and nibbling my husband’s ears. Not mine or anyone else’s, just Eli’s! Believe me, I’ve tried to get one ear nibble, but no. I was jealous until I realized it was father-son bonding and let it go.

PP: Okay, Leslie, we hope you’re ready because it’s time for Pug Confessions.

Leslie: Confession? I’m scared.

PP: Yeah, something embarrassing you do with Winston that no one else knows about. Well, until now, of course.

Leslie: Okay. I’m going to just say it: you know those little mochi ice creams? I share them with Winston. Meaning, I take a bite and then I let him lick it and then… I finish it.

PP: We’re proud of you for speaking this out loud.

Leslie: Thanks. I think.

PP: One of our favorite things about your particular brand of Pug Peopleness is how you want Winston to be a source of joy and inspiration for everyone.

Leslie: Winston was the mascot of my internal medicine residency and his favorite thing to do is get in his stroller and be driven around on neighborhood patrol so all the kids can pet him. It’s one of the things I love most about pugs, they 100% need you to have the best day—and the best life.

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