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Tatum (and her Person, Cheryl)

They’re bright! They’re funny! They have an Etsy shop where they sell sassy Pug Paraphernalia! They are the yummy Tatum Tot (otherwise known as ScribblePug), and her Person Cheryl! The Tales of Pug People felt very privileged to sit down with some legit Insta-celebs and find out their story, but after hearing Cheryl perform Tatum’s ‘voice’, we really regret we don’t do audio interviews. Quel dommage!

PP: Cheryl, thanks for being with us! Can you give us a smidge of your pug history?

Cheryl: Sure, I’ll give you some of my pugstory. Tatum is not my first pug; I had a fawn male before her named Chewy. I decided to go the full opposite for this one, just for the heck of it: a black female. And… it really is the full opposite; she’s definitely more of a handful.

PP: Oooh, spill the tea, is the flatface of ScribblePug a diva?

Cheryl: Yes, a bit of a diva. Well, somewhere between diva-ish and cuddly.

Cheryl: But honestly, it’s mostly the potty thing. Chewy would just go out and do his business, but Tatum takes forever. She’s very particular, it has to be grass, or weeds, it has to be a place she’s gone before, etc., etc.

PP: We think the girl pugs don’t like putting their butts on the ground. Would you want to put your nekkid butt on the ground? We wouldn’t.

Cheryl: I guess not.

PP: You said somewhere between a diva and cuddly. Is Tatum not a snugglepug?

Cheryl: She definitely needs to be near me all the time, but she doesn't necessarily need to be snuggling.

PP: So, how did you decide to get a pug in the first place?

Cheryl: Well, we’re going way back, when “Men in Black” came out and at the same time, my husband was working with a woman who had two pugs. I don’t think I’d ever met one before, but the cuteness got me right away. Of course, I didn’t know anything about them, so actually having one in the house was a shock.

PP: The shedding.

Cheryl: The shedding.

PP: But even though they probably shed the equivalent of their full body weight in a 24-hour period, you're still a Pug Person, right?

Cheryl: I love all dogs, but I know pugs. The other ones are like a whole different species. I love that pugs are the goofiest things without even trying. I love their laziness. And it makes me laugh that they’re so demanding.

PP: So entitled. We love the entitlement. And how do you feel about Pug People?

Cheryl: I find most Pug People to be bizarrely similar.

PP: Right?! We say that all the time! It's like there’s a Pug Person Handbook floating around out there somewhere. And now that we’ve done some international interviews, we realize that Pugness transcends culture and country.

Cheryl: I’m sure we’re different in all kinds of ways, but when it comes to our pugs, we all act the same; we consider them our children, we’re okay with putting clothes on them... Other dog owners and dogs don’t get us. We’re kind of the nerds of the dog park.

PP: And we all yell “Pug!” when we see a random pug.

Cheryl: I do that in the car a lot. I’ll roll down the window and yell “Pug!”

PP: Cheryl, we love the way Tatum talks, how she uses "me" instead of "I".

Cheryl: That actually grew organically from my conversations with her. We talk all the time. When we’re eating, when we’re in the car...

PP: So, does she talk back? Do you answer yourself in her voice?

Cheryl: Of course.

PP: Ooooh, can we hear it?!

*Cheryl does Tatum's voice. Since this is a written interview and not a podcast, all we can tell you is that the voice matches Tatum's personality perfectly and sounds like a cross between Yoda, a valley girl, and Sarah Silverman.

PP: Well, it's hard to follow that up but we did want to ask you about your ScribblePug shop. How did you come up with the name?

Cheryl: I knew I wanted something cute and weird and artsy. And I'm not much for drawing, I'm more of a scribbler, so it came out of that.

PP: We're thinking you must be swimming in Pug Paraphernalia since you own the shop. What's the weirdest thing you own?

Cheryl: I really have to control myself with the pug stuff. I guess the most unusual thing I have is a pug measuring tape.

PP: Really? That's a new one.

Cheryl: The tape part that pulls all the way out is the pug's tongue.

PP: Oh, fun! We could call it a pug measuring blep, then!

Cheryl: ...If you like.

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