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Rosie (and her Person, Lynn)

If you know anything about the Pug Sisters of ‘Tales of Pug People’, you know that we are obsessed with pugs with long tongues, so being able to interview Rosie of @ourpugrosie was a blep dream come true. Added joy comes from Rosie (and her Person Lynn) being one of the three CEOs of Pug Fashionistas, which consistently makes our jaws drop. We're so pugged to introduce you to Rosie and Lynn and hope that we accurately convey what a beautiful relationship they have.

PP: Lynn, Rosie is looking stunning today, as always. Is it hard to get her into all those incredible outfits?

Lynn: Oh, no, she absolutely loves wearing dresses. But hats are a different story, she hates wearing them. I sweat so much when I try to put anything on her head.

PP: You know we always start with pug history. Is Rosie your first pug?

Lynn: She is! We’re big dog lovers and have had many. After our chihuahua died, I was out with my young daughter and she wanted to go into a pet store to look. I would never step foot in a pet store, but for some reason I gave in, and we immediately saw baby Rosie in a cage just bombarded by chihuahuas.

PP: Oh, no, poor Rosie!

Lynn: And I’m a savior, so I pulled her out, threw a fit, and took her home. And as I walked out, I said to the owner, “You’re getting closed.” I got the place closed down.

PP: Good for you!

Lynn: The vet said Rosie had a twenty percent chance of survival. She had cornea damage in both eyes, bladder and yeast infection, IBD, you name it. But she was a trooper and made it through.

PP: Wow. You were obviously meant to walk into that place. And Rosie is so special.

Lynn: She really is. Her personality is just plain sweet. Not a mean bone in her body. And she’s magical, because all dogs and cats love her. Even dogs that are mean to other dogs, or cats who can’t be bothered, they take to Rosie. She has great energy.

PP: It’s the power of the tongue. We’re obsessed with tongue-out pugs.When did it start appearing?

Lynn: Around six months, it started poking out a little bit. Then around a year, it really started showing up.

PP: So, when did you know you were a Pug Person? Was it a gradual thing or--?

Lynn: Instant. The moment I saw her in that cage.

PP: Yep, the magical transformation of Pug Personhood.

Lynn: Once you have a pug, you’ll never not have one in your life. They’re so quirky and funny; she makes me laugh every day. Even if I’m upset about something, there’s always something she’ll do that cracks me up.

PP: They’re so unique. That’s why normal people turn into Pug People.

Lynn: And the people, the people who turn into Pug People, they’re also so quirky and funny and friendly. You just bond.

PP: Speaking of bonding with pug-minded People, tell us about Pug Fashionistas.

Lynn: Rosie did some fashion with Anthony Rubio, the dog designer. She’s the only pug who’s worked with him. Then I got hooked up with Lucy Liu and Cleo and we’re having so much fun.

PP: We see that this Friday is Royal Fashionista day, all royalty with the girls and significant others as the court.

Lynn: Yes, Bogie is Rosie’s boyfriend and they’ve been dating for a while, so I guess we need to do something. Hoshi and Hugo just had an amazing first anniversary celebration.

PP: We saw that! So gorgeous and purple-y.

Lynn: It’s probably going to have to wait a while, because I’m still doing thank you’s from Rosie’s birthday. People sent her gifts from all over the world, it was just incredible.

PP: Lynn, we have a feeling you’re a pug paraphernalia person. Do you have any weird items?

Lynn: Um… pug toilet paper.

PP: Okay, we’ve never heard that one before.

Lynn: Obviously, it’s just for display, I don’t let anyone use it.

PP: Of course not! That would be disrespectful. Tell us, does Rosie have a ‘voice’? Like, do you talk for her?

Lynn: I don’t have to, she practically says words in her barks. Like she’ll go “Oor! Oor!” when someone’s at the door. They find a way to communicate, but you have to be in tune with your dog. And this might sound weird, but every night we sing together. We go through songs and she hums to them. Honest to God. We start with singing “Rosie is a good girl”, then move on to the food she likes, then “You are my Sunshine” and that’s her favorite. She’ll sing it inside. Dogs have their own language, they find a way to communicate.

PP: We love this so so much.

Lynn: When we go to sleep, she’s right by my ear, so I’m singing and she’s making this humming noise right along with it. Then we end with “Edelweiss”.


PP: Lynn, do you have a True Pug Confession? Though we have to say, the humming songs together is pretty close.

Lynn: Oh yeah, I would never tell that to anyone but a Pug Person. Um… I do this thing where I stick my tongue out and let her kiss it.

PP: Yes! One of us had a pug who loved to French kiss. (One Pug Sister glances at the other, who looks a bit nauseated). But we don’t really talk about it, because she’s not that kind of Pug Person.

Lynn: Hilarious. Obviously, I am.

PP: We love the way you are with Rosie. It’s really beautiful.

Lynn: I don’t know if I’ll ever have another pug after her. No one could ever match Rosie.

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