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Petey (and his Person, Robin)

THE TALES OF PUG PEOPLE moseyed over to Teaneck, NJ to spend some time with Petey and his Person, Robin. Facebook-famous for his gloriously grumpy underbite and the dozens of photos of him resting his heinie on various objects, Petey’s refusal to sit on anything resembling the ground or the floor is just the kind of mystery PUG PEOPLE lives to solve.

PP: Robin, how did Petey come to live with you?

He actually belonged to our next-door neighbors, but he would just invite himself into our house. He’d walk in without even a “greetings, peasant” and take over, so my kids started to feel like he was their dog. When our neighbors decided to move, we were inconsolable. So, they basically bequeathed him to us.

PP: What is your general impression of pugs?

I adore pugs, but I wish they came in a Mexican Hairless variety. Seriously, when he sheds, there’s another full dog under the couch.

PP: So, when did you know you were Pug People?

When I started cruising Pug Rescue websites! I thought, “What am I doing?! I’m hooked on pugs!” I could look at them all day. How mushy-faced adorable are they?!

PP: Oof, the underbite... When Petey looks at you, what do you think he’s thinking?

He doesn’t look at me. “Why would I look at you? You’re not cheese.” Yeah, I speak Petey. “How dare you extend that cheeseless hand to me, serf?” When we take him outside, he looks over the ground with disdain. “Every blade of grass belongs to me. But I still refuse to lower my royal backside to it.”

PP: The refusal to sit on the ground or floor is… unique. Why did he start sitting on things?

No idea. We have no idea what his standard for comfort is. All we know is that he firmly believes he should not be sitting on the lowly floor.

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