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Odin (and his People, Heather & Arthur)

Pug People visited the squishy Odin and his People, Heather and Arthur, in a small apartment filled with the most delightful pug paraphernalia, including a wine bottle holder in the shape of a pug snoozing on his back; dudes, we'd be drinking wine every night if it was served from a pug. Heather is a lifelong Pug Person while Arthur is a more recent convert, but their equal devotion to their furchild is profound and a few extra levels of obsessive, which is only proper for genuine Pug People.

PP: Heather, when did you know you were a pug person?

Heather: Every year my parents would take me to a dog show on my birthday, so that was my first encounter with pugs. So, every night before bed, I would beg for my own pug. And eventually I got my way! I got my first pug, Luigi. And later, we got Carmela and Tony. We adopted them from a family where the pug parents weren’t spayed or neutered, so they didn’t mean to have puppies—

PP: Are you saying it was an unplanned pugnancy?

Heather: Exactly. So, basically, I’ve always been obsessed with pugs.

Arthur: And I became obsessed because of her. We started dating about a year after she got Tony and Carm, and I basically helped raise them. I fell for their big personalities. Oh, and that they cuddle. I’ve had dogs before, but never cuddlers like pugs. I love their “nestle”.

PP: Does Odin have a “voice”?

Arthur: Oh, definitely. We have full conversations with him and provide all his responses.

PP: What does it sound like?

Heather: Very stubborn and spoiled. And hyper. He’s very vocal, very snuffly and snorty. He puffs at us when he’s annoyed. Very puffy.

PP: You wouldn't guess he could be puffy with that smile; he looks positively joyous. Does Odin have nicknames?

Heather: Odie Boy. Mr. Waggers, Jr. Odie Doo Da Day. My dad just calls him Crazy.

PP: How about clothes?

Arthur: Sweatshirts, a raincoat, a winter coat--

Heather: And he tolerates them, but he’s not a fan. Odin is definitely not a fashionista.

PP: Does Odin have a favorite smell?

Arthur: Salmon.

Heather: Yeah, I can’t eat sushi. He just sits and cries for it with the saddest whine.

PP: Ooh, we'd never be able to resist that, we'd have to get an extra order of sashimi. Does Odin have any quirks?

Arthur: He gets his lip caught in his teefers. Heather and I argue about it, she says it’s an accident, but I think it’s on purpose. He just likes making faces.

PP: It’s his Billy Idol sneer.

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