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Norbert, Dobby & Andy and their Person, Kai

Kai, Norbert, Dobby and Andy were wildly entertaining to interview; the only regret was that Pug Sister Candy was at her skinchild’s high school graduation and was unable to attend, so all (dumb) questions and (ridiculous) answers can be attributed to Pug Sister Shari. Enjoy this delightful grumble and their hardworking Pug Mum!




PP: Kai, how did you become a Pug Person?


Kai: My parents rescued a pug, Rocky, from PROS when I was a child and throughout my life it snowballed into a pug obsession.

PP: “PROS” is—


Kai: Pug Rescue of Northern California, which used to be called Pug Rescue of Sacramento.


PP: Oh, we interviewed them! They’re great.


Kai: Yes, they do amazing work! So, as soon my husband and I got our own place, we rescued another pug from PROS, then another, then three more.


PP: A true Pug Person.


Kai: Yes, but I have a confession: as a kid, I wanted a golden retriever.


PP: Bite your blep!


Kai: I know. But I got over it. Pugs are so friendly and funny, they burrow their way into your heart and never leave.


PP: Okay, you’re forgiven.


Kai: Butters was our first pug.

Kai: Butters, followed by Peanut.


PP: Slightly out of order, but okay.


Kai: Then after Butters passed, we got Dobby, then Norbert, and most recently Andy.


PP: You’re so lucky to have a grumble. I want a grumble. Don’t tell my husband.


Kai: The grumble is the dream. I will say two at a time is more manageable; with a grumble you’re outnumbered.

Kai: But you are very popular with a grumble, people will just run up and take pictures.


PP: We would run up. And then probably faint.


Kai: Oh, I’ve been the runner when I’ve seen pugs on the street.


PP: Every Pug Person has been the runner.


Kai: Sharing in the beauty.


PP: Kai, how did you manage to find a Pug Husband? Someone who would fall in love with pugs the way you did?


Kai: Well, he had to fall in love with me first. Then he was able to say, “Oh, of course, we’ll get a pug!” Then, pugs being pugs, they roped themselves into his heart and he also became obsessed.


PP: Brilliance. Do they sleep with you?


Kai: Yes, originally, we had a Queen-sized bed, but as we kept adding pugs, we went up to a King. Eventually we’ll probably have to do a California King or an Alaskan King, which are like ten feet wide. And my husband and I end up on the corners because the pugs are in the middle and keep pushing us out further.


PP: I get it. Last night I was sleeping in about three inches of space.


Kai: Time for an Alaskan King.


PP: Is Dobby named for Harry Potter?


Kai: Yes! And Norbert came with his name, but then we remembered that one of the dragons in HP is named Norbert, so it’s meant to be.


PP: And Andy?


Kai: Andy came with the name Sumo, which didn’t fit at all, because he’s a lovebug, loves to give kisses. Then we were watching “The 40 Year Old Virgin” and Steve Carrell’s character is named Andy and he’s constantly kissing Catherine Keener in the movie, to the point where she says “You really love to give kisses, huh?” That was it, my husband and I were like, “His name is Andy.”


PP: I cannot express how much I love this. My customized phone ring is Steve Carrell screaming “Ohhh, Kelly Clarkson!” while he’s getting his chest waxed. Scares the crap out of me every single time.


Kai: I would think so.

PP: We know that you're a Pug Artist and have one of your paintings gracing our living room.

Kai: Thank you!

PP: Besides your art work, are you a collector of Pug Paraphernalia?


Kai: Oh, yeah, our house is stupid. We have so many useless pug items. The weirdest piece I have is the wooden hanging pub sign. When people see it, they say “Okay, that’s a line you’ve definitely crossed. Now you’re in Crazy Land.”

PP: If your pugs were Hollywood celebrities, who would they be?


Kai: Dobby’s a boy diva, anything that causes him the slightest discomfort, he does this high-pitched scream that's just ridiculous. So, I guess the male version of Madonna? Norbert is Zach Galifianakis. Andy would be Seth Rogen. So goofy, loves to eat, and it seems like he’s high most of the time.


PP: Do you have a favorite memory of one of your (many) pugs?


Kai: My favorite thing that’s probably ever happened was when I was walking Butters around a park. He all of a sudden stopped dead, sniffed inside a bush, and came out with a full sandwich in his mouth.


PP: What?!


Kai: Yep, a full PB&J sandwich from the magic bush. Every single time we passed that bush from then on, he would go in to look for a sandwich.


PP: I’m assuming this was a one-time thing.


Kai: The magic never lasts.


PP: Do you have a True Pug Confession?


Kai: I bought a pug onesie and walked around my neighborhood wearing it. I mean, it wasn’t intentional, it was just cold and I didn’t want to change, but some teenagers mocked me pretty badly. And I thought, when these teens hit their 30s, they’re gonna realize this is the way to go.





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