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Milo (and his Person, Kali)

It's our favorite Pug Down Under, Milo! And let us not forget his French mom, Kali, with the beautiful hair and beautiful-er accent (it was a big of a surprise, since we were expecting some "mates" and "good on ya"s). And they came to the interview in matching striped t-shirts, which caused a very high score on the Pug Love-o-Meter. Enjoy Milo and Kali!

PP: We’re sorry, we can’t even proceed because we’re overcome by the cuteness. Matching striped shirts!

Kali: We’re happy you like it. We wanted to surprise you.

PP: You guys are in Australia?

Kali: In Australia, yes, but I’m French.

PP: Okay, we knew that was not an Australian accent. What part of France are you from?

Kali: Brittany. The rainy part. We just wanted to live somewhere with better weather.

PP: How did you become a Pug Person?

Kali: Oh, I knew I wanted a pug since I am seven years old. I saw “Men in Black” and I said, “Okay, that’s it. I want a dog that talks.”

PP: Do you remember the first time you met a real pug?

Kali: Mmm, good question. I don’t remember, but I do know that every time I saw a pug in the street, I was like, “Oh my God! Pug!” Like it was a celebrity.

PP: It’s so funny, that seems to be a common thing for Pug People, seeing a random pug and shouting, “PUG!”

Kali: Yes! And the funniest thing now is that people in their cars, they will see me and Milo and yell, “PUG!” from the car window.

PP: And did you buy pug stuff before you got the actual pug? That’s the true mark of a Pug Person, you know.

Kali: Oh, yes, so much. And people, they like to give me presents in the shape of a pug.

PP: Did you get Milo in Australia?

Kali: Yes, he was born in a tiny town called Wagga Wagga. When we called about getting him, the breeder said, “I have two puppies left. There’s a chubby one and—” We stopped her, “Say no more. We want the chubby one.”

PP: Is your husband as much of a Pug Person as you?

Kali: Oh, absolutely. He actually wanted a Saint Bernard first, though.

PP: A Saint Bernard is a serious undertaking.

Kali: But once we had Milo, that was it. The addiction started.

PP: It was as good as you imagined.

Kali: Better! Except one thing… I didn’t know about the hair.

PP: Ohhhhh. That would have been a good thing to know about.

Kali: It would have.

PP: When did you realize just how much they shed?

Kali: It wasn’t so bad when he was a puppy. But the older he gets… I’ve gotten used to it, but I feel bad when someone comes to visit and they’re wearing black.

PP: That’s when you need those lint roller things.

Kali: I should have bought stock in them.

PP: Did you put Milo on Instagram right away?

Kali: I was putting pictures on my personal Instagram, but surprisingly, some people are not that interested in pugs.

PP: Heathens.

Kali: So, I figured I’d better give him his own place to show his cute little face. And body. And tail. Everything is just so cute about a pug.

PP: The whole package.

Kali: Maybe not the breath.

PP: Not the farts.

Kali: Not the farts either.

PP: Kali, if Milo was a celebrity, who would he be?

Kali: There is a show called “90 Day Fiancé” and we think Milo would be Big Ed. Because he’s so sweet and kind.

PP: Love that! Do you have a favorite memory or story about Milo?

Kali: In Australia, you can’t take a dog on a plane, so when we moved twelve hours away to Queensland, we did a road trip. Milo loved sleeping in the tent and by the time we got to our new place, he was toilet trained.

PP: The great outdoors did it! Have you ever thought about getting a second pug?

Kali: Well, of course. With the pug addiction, you always think about getting more.

PP: Does Milo sleep with you guys?

Kali: Yes. In the middle. He starts out at the bottom of the bed, but when we wake up, he’s right there between us.

PP: And he snores?

Kali: Both he and my husband snore. I have to wear ear plugs to sleep.

PP: You’re a true Pug Person, Kali.

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