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Maggie (and her People, Ayala & Ohad)

We are so excited to introduce you to the lovely Maggie and her scintillating wardrobe—oh, and her darling People, Ayala and Ohad. We first started noticing Maggie as she posed most regally for photos against the backdrop of Parliament in London--you know we’re suckers for a royal pug. Enjoy the Princess and her servants!


PP: So nice to meet you guys! Ayala and…


Ayala: Ohad. Like “Chad”, but with an “O”.


PP: Ah, very clever.


Ohad: Thank you.


PP: Not to start out by coveting, but the Pug Sisters were definitely saying we wish we had Maggie’s wardrobe.


Ayala: It is better than mine.


PP: So, tell us your pug history. Lifetime Pug People or recent?


Ayala: For me, Maggie is my first dog, ever.


PP: Oh, wow!


Ohad: The story is, we were dentists. Student dentists—


Ayala: And we were three years into relationship together and we thought we wanted some addition to relationship. Ohad suggested a dog and I was, oh, a dog is too much commitment!


Ohad: I wanted a boxer, because I had boxers when I was little.


Ayala: But I said, that is too big, so I will look for a miniature version of a boxer.


PP: Ha, perfect!


Ayala: We decide on a pug, and then my friend gave me a present, a pug pin. And then we think about names. So, we had the pin and the name before we had the pug.


PP: Well, you know that’s the mark of a true Pug Person, if you have the paraphernalia before you actually have the pug.


Ayala: Yes!


Ohad: I love Pug People.


PP: Us, too. What do you love about them?


Ohad: Hmmm. They are just naturally happy, I guess. And enthusiastic about the pugs.

PP: How long did it take you after getting Maggie to know you were Pug People?


Ayala: When I went to see these puppies, there was a big brother puppy, and this tiny little girl—he was like twice bigger, but she pushed him out of the way to get to me and I thought, “you’re the one!” So, it was fast.


Ohad: She is still tiny, only 7 kg. And we try to keep her like this, but our son is two and he wants to give her treats all the time.


PP: Oh, so having Maggie made you realize you could handle a human child.


Ohad: It was the next step, yeah.


Ayala: In the beginning I had few thoughts in my head, like a dog should never sleep in the bed, and Ohad was, “Oh, you just wait and see.” I was very strict, Maggie couldn’t even enter our bedroom, but then…


PP: How long did it take before she was sleeping with you?


Ayala: A few days.


PP: Ha! Yep, that’s what pugs do, they make their People pushovers. Does she snore?


Ayala: Of course.


PP: I really don’t know why we even ask that question.


Ohad: Only at night, though.


Ayala: No, during naps too. I am on phone calls with people and they say, “Who is that snoring?!”


Ohad: And she has the reverse hiccups.


PP: The reverse hiccups can be terrifying. For us, they seem to take it in stride.


Ohad: Pugs have this amazing character. Only them have it, you know?


PP: Soooo true. How did Maggie get her name?


Ayala: We were thinking, “Pug… Pig… Piggy…” and “Maggie” came out.

Ayala: Maggie was born in Moldova and UK is one of the hardest places to bring in a pet from other country, so we had to go through three countries to get her here. We flew to Romania, then to Holland, then took a ferry to the UK.


PP: Wow! You may be the Puggiest of Pug People, seriously.


Ohad: And we bring most of the outfits with us. One suitcase full of her outfits.


PP: We hope Maggie is grateful for your dedication.

PP: Do you have a favorite memory or story about Maggie?


Ayala: I don’t think this is a favorite, but it’s what came to my mind. She jumped into a frozen lake once. That was so scary.


Ohad: She thought it was a continuation of the snow.


Ayala: It was like a slow-motion movie, “Nooooo!”. Thank God she was wearing this red raincoat which brought her back up quickly and we could grab her.


Ohad: And we had a warm blanket in the car.


Ayala: That’s the crazy story. But there are so many. She is the best thing in our life.


PP: If Maggie were a celebrity, who would she be?


Ohad: Maybe Miley Cyrus. All the outfits and the craziness.

PP: Guys, do you have a true pug confession?


Ayala: I don’t know if this is a confession, but it is embarrassing and makes us laugh to think of. You know that stuff, the stuff that comes out of their butts when you push?


PP: Oh, every Pug Person’s favorite cocktail, anal gland juice?


Ayala: Yes, we had a friend come over with white pants on. And suddenly, she is like, “What… what is happening?!”


PP: Yep. Pugs are the best thing ever, but they do leak.

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