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Larry (and his Person, Kari)

We definitely pulled a Pug People move on the subject of today’s interview; spying Larry on the street, shrieking “PUG!”, and chasing down his Person (thankfully, Kari is 100% PP and has chased a few pugs in her day). With 48K followers, Larry is a bit of an Insta Celeb, but he’s ever so humble and graced us by placing his handsome nekked bottom on our laps. We are not worthy.

PP: Kari, what was your general impression of pugs before and after you got one?

Oh, you know, friendly, sweet, adorable, cuddly, the wrinkles—I was already into pugs before I had one, but now? It’s a full-blown obsession. I could rave about them endlessly; they’re like a stuffed animal come to life. I had a dream and pugs definitely live up to the dream.

PP: So, when did you feel like you crossed over the weirdo line into true Pug Peopleness?

One Christmas I got nearly all pug gifts (wrapped in pug wrapping paper) and I realized our whole house had become pug-themed. Then, there was that time we went to a pug Christmas party and we were wearing pug Christmas sweaters (like everyone else) and I thought “we have found people who understand our obsession”. And of course… the pug ice sculpture at our wedding.

PP: Um, yeah. The ice sculpture speaks volumes...

PP: Does Larry have any quirks?

Aside from the usual pug quirks (occasional zoomies, not allowing personal space, endless licking and napping, sulking when you don't give him what he wants when he wants it), Larry doesn’t bark. He’s practically mute, which makes him the perfect apartment dog.

PP: Okay, so he doesn't bark, but does Larry have a 'voice'?

He has a silly, dopey, cartoon voice. We always joked that the inside of Larry’s head was just TV static, but the first time we heard him “speak” was when he was lost at my mom’s. We looked everywhere—it’s a five-story house! Somehow he got trapped in the closet with the door closed and because he doesn’t bark, he didn’t respond to us calling him. Finally, we find him in the closet, in the laundry basket, and he's like, “Uh, guys? Think I’m stuck. Hee hee.”

PP: Has he said anything about the new baby coming? (Keri is pregnant)

He says he’s excited about the potential for more snacks and about riding in the stroller. But my husband and I are thinking the baby might come out as a pug, so…

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