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Basia, Tosia, Tinka & their Person, Małgorzata

We are so excited to present our first Polish Pugs and their divine mom! Małgorzata is such a dear; she was so concerned about her English that she sent her answers through email and they are just delightful. Enjoy this short but lovely jaunt through the lives of these four beautiful ladies and their forever angel, bulldog Lola.

PP: Małgorzata, how did you become a Pug Person?

Małgorzata: My first love was a bulldog, Lola, and after 4 years Tosia appeared in my life brought from a real kennel. Those were wonderful years. After some time I decided that it would be good to save a pug and applied to the Pug Foundation. After a week I got an answer and went for little, scared Basia, who was afraid of her shadow (because she was kept in a cage to give birth to puppies). The girls fell in love the first moment. After Lola left, I decided to adopt Tinka, who was given away by people who just stopped loving her. Now we make a wonderful family of five because Lola will always be in my heart.

PP: What do you love most about the pug breed?

Małgorzata: They have a soft crust.

PP: And what do you love most about Pug People?

Małgorzata: That they have the same passion for pugs and understand me because I'm crazy about these treasures.

PP: Do your treasures sleep in your bed?

Małgorzata: Yes, my Pugs sleep with me. I can't imagine falling asleep without those sweet sounds. Always together.

PP: Do you talk to your pugs? And do they answer you back?

Małgorzata: I talk to them so often because I know they are the best listeners in the world!

PP: And do they answer you back?

Małgorzata: They always look smart and nod their heads when I’m talking.

PP: Małgorzata, do you have a True Pug Confession?

Małgorzata: We have our secrets! The most important one is when I go with the girls to talk to my angel Lola in the evenings and just tell them our happy life. Only they understand me.

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