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Abby (and her People, Matteo & Maddox)

The Tales of Pug People got to visit with Abby and her entire family, chatting up bros Matteo (9 years old) and Maddox (7 years old), with color commentary provided by pawrents Sandra and Eric. The pugcitement was so high, we all kept talking over each other, sharing stories (mostly about poop and eye boogers) and observations (mostly about shedding and… shedding), while Abby gnawed on a treat and sassed a grocery bag so hard, it folded (yes, we have video proof).

PP: So, guys, there’s a rumor going around that not only is Abby your first pug, she’s your very first dog ever. We would like to commend you on choosing the superhero breed right out of the gate. What made you decide on a pug? Did you know any other Pug People?

Sandra: No, we didn’t—

Matteo: But we do now!

Sandra: Sooo many of them.

PP: Oh yeah, once you have a pug, the other Pug People appear. It’s like a flat-faced ‘Field of Dreams’—if you build it, they will come. Have you discovered anything about pugs you didn’t know before?

Eric/Sandra (simultaneously): The shedding…

Sandra: We definitely did not know about the shedding.

Maddox: Lots of hair.

Matteo: Everywhere.

PP: Should have bought stock in those lint roll-y things, huh? But at least your house is decorated in the right colors.

*Besides being gorgeous and insanely clean, the entire home is decorated in cream and tan.

Sandra: Yeah, that was a happy accident.

Matteo: Other stuff we discovered is that pugs eat a lot.

Maddox: And their nose is very flat.

Matteo: And they crawl to itch her tummies and wipe their eye snots on everything.

Maddox: And they do funny little dances before they poop.

Matteo: And after they poop, they eat the poop.

*Slight pause while we all nod and ‘mm-hmm’.

Sandra: Where Eric’s parents live, there are a lot of deer.

Eric: And a lot of deer poop--

PP: Say no more, we get the picture. Anything else you’ve learned about the breed?

Sandra: Pugs are fearless.

Matteo: Yeah! Abby met a big dog, Charlie, and she wasn’t scared of him—he was scared of her! She chased him and he just kept on running and running and running, and finally he turned around and peed on her. And she didn’t care! She just ran right through it.

PP: She’s a tough lady.

Sandra: She’s just, like… a little person. Really.

PP: Sometimes Pug People talk to their pugs and then answer themselves in the pug’s ‘voice’. Does Abby have a voice?

Maddox: Yeah! It’s high and squeaky.

PP: What does she say?

Matteo: “Stop harassing me.”

Maddox: And “I want mango!”

Matteo: Oh, yeah, she loves mango. And raspberries and watermelon and banana.

Maddox: And shoes. She’s a shoe biter.

Matteo: And she likes to chew stuff, barf it up, and eat it again--

*Pause while pug pawrents reel the boys in. Meanwhile, Abby has discovered a grocery bag intruder and is telling it, in no uncertain terms, to leave her home immediately.

PP: Matteo and Maddox, is there anything else you’d like to tell us about being a Pug Person?

Maddox: Oh! Our grandma loves Abby. She was a dog person, but now she’s a pug person.

Matteo: And our grandma speaks Spanish. So, you know, now Abby is bilingual.

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