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"You Wrote All These Words?!" Author's Mother Upon Seeing Author's First Book

Wonder Woman expresses wonder at child's word count

There's nothing quite as gratifying as seeing the reaction of the woman who gave you birth when you birth something of your own. I say "something" because we've already done the "someone" exclamations:

"I'm so happy for you and (husband)!" - reaction after birth of my first child

"My God, you two are like rabbits." - reaction after birth of my second child, 15 months later

When I handed my mother the ARC (advance reading copy) of my first book, SAM SAVES THE NIGHT, she was astonished: "It's a real book!" I suppose I could have been insulted by her amazement, considering I'd told her a hundred times that I was writing a book, but truth be told, I'd had a similar reaction when I first saw the finished product. There's something oddly detached and removed about writing a book on a computer; the ideas and words and chapters seem to pour into the ether. Gone are the days when a writer could judge her progress by the increasing stack of pages next to a typewriter. Of course, there is a trade-off; I recall my high school term papers so layered in Wite-Out that they were deceptively thick.

"There are so many words! You wrote all these words?!"

I did, Mom. 62,000 words, to be exact, and I'm just as surprised as you. Who knew I had that many words in me?*

*my husband, my kids, my friends, and God

"How do I buy this? ...Seriously? YOU'RE ON AMAZON?!"

I am, Mom, I am. I cost $16.14 and I'm on freakin' PRIME, baby.

"Okay, order one for me, your sister, your niece, your cousin, my priest, my handyman, the guy I collect cans for, the guy who sold me the Chrysler, the lady who used to clean my house but I don't use her anymore because I was always so embarrassed by my mess that I started cleaning the house before she came, the library where I used to do my painting class even though they moved the painting class to the library down the street so get one for that library too even though it's only open three afternoons a week because there's only old farts in this town that watch TV and never read, your aunt who said you'd never amount to anything even though she's dead we can put it on her grave, and... oh, hell, just order twenty-five of 'em, I'll figure it out. This is so exciting!"

It really is, Mom. And your reaction is one of the most exciting things about it. Thank you.

The first installment in the SLEEPWAKERS series, SAM SAVES THE NIGHT, will be on the shelves on October 1, 2019. But just mosey on over to AMAZON and pre-order, since I'm on AMAZON, y'all. And buy an extra one for your library, even if you live in a town with old farts who never read.

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